Where to Shop in India

Where to Shop in India

KITSCH OR KEEPER?   Holiday souvenirs (purchased whilst in the moment) rarely translate once back home.

Where to Shop in India

Unless you want to end up with a car boot full of charity shop offerings (less holiday memories and more holiday horror) – strength and strategy must be applied.

An unfortunate incident five years ago at Amsterdam Airport; involving too much luggage, a broken suitcase zip and the payment of a small fortune of excess baggage had me vowing vigilance in future trip purchases.  Past indiscretions include: piles of sarongs, fake ‘designer bags’, a ‘genuine ‘guitar for my youngest son that warped within a week of purchase, and a vintage moth eaten Cashmere coat.  The latter I had to wear home on the aircraft due to the above baggage issue.  The coat that looked so stylish when I purchased it from a little out of the way stall at Portobello Market didn’t feel so fabulous during the seven hour transit in Dubai – with temperatures at 40 degrees!

Now, my rule is five of the best allowed home from each trip.

These are the latest from my trip to India.  I think I did quite well…



What have you bought that you regret when you unpack at home?

What goodies have you bought on holidays that have stood the test of time?


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