Exercise is the Secret to Ageing Well

Exercise is the Secret to Ageing Well

Exercise is the secret to ageing well

Yee ha – girls fasten your running shoes and come for a ride on The Urban Mum’s ’s high horse.

Just why am I galloping around?

Well I like to share – I’d love it if you came on up.

There is room for all of us…

I may have mentioned my love of morning exercise – no doubt not gaining many friends along the way.

I’ve gone on (and on) about how good it makes me feel.  Offering a fabulous start to even the most potentially crappy day.

A kickstart to your metabolism doesn’t hurt, sets you up for wise food choices.

All that aside I truly exercise for my head not so much my behind.

A sleepless night is swept away with a little sweat. Keep up with the demands of your life with a little running shoe shuffle. 

Your AM efforts will keep on giving.

When I wake up these days my face is a scary reflection of someone much older than I feel.  (Well okay at 6.00am I also feel bloody old – but work with me).

An hour later the circulating blood lends me a youthful glow and my cheeks are back up near where god intended them to be – rather than somewhere closer to my chin.

Before you decide you want to hit me and snuggle deeper under your doona let me tell you that below my lycra clad surface…lays a sloth.


My default position would be curled up with a book, in bed, scoffing a piece of toast dripping with peanut butter.

But to go there would be be a slippery slope to over indulgence.  I’d feel sluggish and just drag through the day.

Exercise has become my routine through force of habit.  And now I don’t think, or bargain with myself – I just get up and do. And feel great.

If only I could lasso that counterproductive peanut butter habit and fling it away.

Well I didn’t say there wasn’t room for improvement.

Need more encouragement,a place to begin?  Have a look this website Run Fat Bitch Run! 

Go forth and sweat. I swear you will learn to love it – in time. 

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