Tips for Travelling to India with Friends

Tips for Travelling to India with Friends

It’s funny how life works isn’t it?  About a year ago I popped over to my local Westfield to catch up with a gorgeous girlfriend I see far too infrequently – too many kids between us, different schools, work…it all gets in the way.  Anyway, somewhere – midway through our coffees – our conversation took a turn and IT happened.

New friends...
New friends…

My friend had booked a trip to India, with her sister and two other friends. It transpired that her sister couldn’t come – which left a spare bed in the rooms, an extra seat on the transfers – it took me all of two seconds to invite myself. Naturally I hadn’t thought through the logistics – small things – like who would look after the kids, cook, transport, arrange things at home…because our house is pretty traditional in that sense and I take on the majority of ‘domestic stuff’.

I have never felt so certain about a rash decision in my life. You see; I lived in Fiji as a child and was introduced to Indian culture (food, traditions, music); so for many years I have dreamt about visiting India. For an opportunity to fall in my lap – well it needed to be taken.  As for so many of these things; it became absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.

The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi
The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi

Time was limited so our itinerary kept to the Golden Triangle route – New Delhi, Agra, Jaipir and Udaipur. We stayed in a range of accommodation – from stunning (The Imperial Hotel New Delhi & the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur); to traditional and more rustic.  We saw all the sights you would recognise; and met many people living lives so remote from ours, as to be another planet. We even had our share of star sightings – can you put a name to any of the faces?

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Sir Bob & me...
Sir Bob & me…
Sighting Dame Judi...
Sighting Dame Judi…

Before I left Sydney I frantically read all I could on what to take, what to wear, what immunisations were required and how to stay healthy and safe for the duration of our stay.  I am happy to report we ate fabulous local food (carefully); were vigilant about hygiene; and none of our group of four got sick.

I have put together a great check list for anyone who is planning a holiday to India; my Mother also recently enjoyed a trip (less ‘Princess’ than mine she says – Mum is ‘Intrepid‘, she camped on The Ganges and hiked in the Alps); so she has added her thoughts too. I have amazing suggestions on where to eat; stay; and shop (oh the textiles have to be seen to be believed…)

Amber Palace
Amber Palace
Antique Textiles...
Antique Textiles…



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