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A Grown Ups Gap Year

Author/Travel & Lifestyle Writer/Nutritionist/Nature Based Wellbeing Advocate/ & Mum

Monique writes for an engaged online community of like-minded mid-age women who want to regain control of their lives.

Through decades of professional experience; clinical nutrition, fitness trainer, wellness coach, cooking school founder, lifestyle & travel writer, and travel management (airlines/hotels) – her Creative Adventure Retreats are a sell out, and her book ‘A Grown Ups Gap Year’ – 365 Days of Why Not (how to run away and other handy hints) is launching at The Whitsundays Writers Festival.


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In 2009, Monique van Tulder launched a lifestyle blog from her kitchen (departing travel management to care for her boys). It’s grown since then. As a wellbeing mentor, travel writer, nutritionist and movement trainer, Monique has you covered. Helping you design your mid-life magic.

If you are a slow traveller, seek a sense of wellbeing, looking for a side order of adventure, come from a place of curiosity, love ‘Retreats’ that actually restore, and tips from chic women who know the local secrets – you are in the right place.

Get creative with your mid-life design.

Invest in yourself. Perhaps you have :

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When I hit mid-life I was in for a rude shock. I found myself at the top of everyone’s ‘people we need’ pyramid, & the bottom of my own. An ‘Eat Pray Runaway’ moment – left a still unanswered question.

What to do with my second- act of life?

I’ve jotted down a few ideas in the attached eBook – a starting point.



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A Grown Ups Gap Year Book Launch


Book launch at the Whitsundays Writers Retreat, Sept 2024. First 10 copies signed & receive a 15 minute zoom ‘coffee date’ with Monique to start to plan YOUR ‘ A Grown Ups Gap Year’!


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