Etiquette Spring Clean

Etiquette Spring Clean

Etiquette Spring Clean

Manners maketh the person, with good reason.

I have thought about writing this post for a while.  But didn’t.

Why?  Because whilst my manners are a sense of pride; I have been a little caustic lately. 

Do unto others… – is something that springs to mind.

I have slipped, loosened my standards.  I took a good long, hard look in the mirror and didn’t necessarily like what I saw (no it wasn’t that I hadn’t morphed into a 5foot 9inch size 8 waif). 

More that somewhere along the line I have become confrontational and downright judgemental at times. Not my usual style at all.

Certainly not an example I like to set for my children. 

I go on ad nauseam in regard to table etiquette, thank you notes, sharing and the like.  So not saying something unless it is pleasant is one I aspire to – my Manners Spring clean if you will.

I spied A Guide to Australian Etiquette by Ita Buttrose last week and have spent the past few evenings reading it. 

Now not all the contents are relevant.  Regardless of the subject of my last post I don’t intend to be needing “Arranging a Wedding” anytime soon.  I have had three; enough for my lifetime thanks.  However there are plenty of other gems.

I compiled a list of my own Top Ten;

  • Thank you notes.  Handwritten.  Correct spelling great but to be honest the tone & timely manner in which the note is written is far more important – in my book.
  • Chew with your mouth closed – at all times.  Taking it one step further, do not talk with your mouth full – EVER.
  • If you are invited to someone’s home for a meal, regardless of the occasion, do not turn up empty handed.  Great amounts of expenditure are not required – this is most certainly where it is the thought that counts.  An arrangement from your garden, some spices for a cook, a bottle of wine or homemade cordial (if you are a non-drinker).
  • If someone shows you a courtesy in the traffic, acknowledge their good grace with a wave.  ALWAYS.  Or I will get very cross and drive too close to your bumper (which is not good manners I know).
  • Wait until the lift empties before you charge in.  I will take this a step further and add that children should stand back for adults or at the very least – seniors.
  • Not everyone uses public transport.  However if you do then be sure to stand for the elderly or pregnant or anyone else who looks like they might need the seat more than you.  Don’t look out the window and pretend you cannot see them, off your backside – NOW.
  • Push your chair in when you get up.  Applies to a table or your desk.
  • If you must chew gum, do it quietly and do not discard it anywhere except the rubbish bin.  If I step on it wearing my Christian Louboutin’s – I will hunt you down (actually even if I am just wearing my sneakers I will STILL find you).
  • If you own a dog, please pick up the poo.  Ditto re above – actually I will find you faster…
  • I love my mobile as much as the next person; twitter, blogging, chatting – all get a big thumbs up.  However I realise no-one else cares about my conversations – so show some consideration. Pipe down your voice when out and about, turn off the ring tone in the movies/theatre and texting while eating a meal is certainly not cool.

Can you add your own etiquette “Spring Clean” to my list?

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