Kate Kendall – Zen Zone

Kate Kendall – Zen Zone

As co-founder of visionary fitness space Flow Athletic (with business partner and ex NRL star Ben Lucas), yogi to the stars, author (Life in Flow), and host of yoga retreats in New Zealand – Kate Kendall is an expert at creating Zen zones. In the strangest of years more of us are seeking quiet spaces inside our homes – especially as we may not be travelling to unwind at favourite holiday spots. Kate shows us how she firmly subscribes to keeping relaxation spaces ‘simple and clean’, a perfect anecdote to a world of screens and constant motion. Read on as she helps you design a mindful space that is a place to ‘simply be’…  a destination we would all like to enjoy, now more than ever.  Flow at home.

Kate Kendall

“Try and choose a space in the home that is quiet and away from clutter.”

Design inspiration?

I’m originally from a small country town, Batlow – my childhood was spent roaming the apple orchards, riding my BMX, and water skiing in the Dam. Now I love to bring the ‘outdoors in’ with biophilic design. Using the healing power of the natural environment, and intergrating the outdoors into my home – for the times you don’t want to go too far, let nature come to you. 

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” Frank Lloyd Wright.

Memorable ‘zen’ view?

Tough choice between outdoor classes at Uluru, or a retreat on the South Island of NZ called, AroHa. Both  magic.

Study nature

Favourite resort?

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island. You feel like you are tucked away in a secret part of heaven. Beautifully peaceful.

Zen zone at home?

A nook to put down a meditation cushion and have plenty of arm space around you. Perhaps include Pujas (or altars) to honour the things we’re grateful for, like an anchor into your most authentic self. Maybe you simply place a candle, or a piece of art that reminds you of your creativity. 

Best mat for yogis?

Bowern Yoga mat. Gets grippier the sweatier you get and they have great designs.

Scent my zen zone?

Always a little Palo Santo to clear the space –  I love the smell – but remember, just a bit is enough.

This article first appeared in MiNDFOOD Magazine…Home Section

Kate’s Book

Life In Flow: Inspiration, sequences and poses to bring yoga into your everyday life

Written with a whole heart and inspired by lived experience, LIFE IN FLOW is a practical and contemporary guide to ‘living’ yoga off the mat through simple moving meditations and breathwork. For a new generation of men & women into mindfulness and holistic health, or for those just switching-on to it for the first time, LIFE IN FLOW is intended for the yoga-curious but also those craving real-world tools to ‘live yoga’ in everyday life

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