4 of the Best Travel Raincoats

4 of the Best Travel Raincoats

Travel Packing and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that getting out the suitcase signals an adventure.

“Travelling never gets old whether for holiday or business there is always somewhere new to explore or someone interesting to meet. ͞Travel really does broaden your horizons.”

However prior to departure there are decisions to make; what to pack can be fraught with indecision. How much, how little…

Years of experience has helped narrow the gap between items that never get used and those on high ͚travel wardrobe͛ rotation.

One such piece is a Travel Raincoat. I’ve spoken before about my love of this garment – the Travel Rain jackets that won a spot in my tightly edited Travel Luggage. Indeed this article is one of my most popular so it appears I am not alone.

Time now for an update…

4 of the Best Travel Raincoats

Metallic – Dress it Up

Always a great idea. Metallic in whatever shade is equally at home over a white t͛shirt and jeans, or slipped over your shoulders to cover a glam little black dress. The hue elevates the casual hooded style to something more elegant. This one is coming with me, top of my next travel packing list. PS If my Mum is reading this…thankfully you no longer have to worry about me ͚borrowing͛ your metallic raincoat.

Basic but never Boring

Classic is well, always classic. I’m not entirely sold on a trench (something to do with a high waist and where the belt sits). So, I’m offering two stylish options – yes the quintessential trench raincoat, plus my favoured option the swing style  Put either of these on and no one will care what you are wearing underneath. The perfect travel companion, keeps off the rain, keeps out the wind –eternally stylish.

Make a Statement

Pink is an incredibly easy colour to travel with (ditto kahki, but that is for another time…). This musky hue will add glow to a jet lagged complexion, brighten up holiday snaps, and make you the envy of your travel companions. You might not be familiar with Rains, a Scandinavian brand renowned for quality rain gear. Be brave, go forth with a candy colour.

Leave me a note;

I would love to know which of the 4 of the Best Travel Raincoats you take with you…

Images Zara ||  Net-a-porter ||  Burberry || TheUpside


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